MEMO Storage

In Windows OS

Step 1

Step 2


Step 3

Enter “mefs-user-install” file folder, double click register.exe for regestering user.

Step 4

After successfully registered user, you can see the content of installation directory as follows:

Step 5

Open “account.txt.” It will contain your wallet address and created password as shown below.

Contact the Memolabs team to recharge your wallet with some tokens before proceeding to the next stage.

Please post tweet and send email to complete the registration.

1. Please post the tweet using your personal Twitter account and@MemoLabs(
Twittercontent:I have joined the MEMO
2. Please send an email to [email protected] to apply for User registration, also attach the link to Tweet. Email content: wallet address (such as 0x... generated above)、role (User) ,The wallet address is the wallet address generated in the previous step***71090/status/1387**********01381?s=20

Step 6

As you complete wallet charging, double click “install.exe” to install user node. Caution the directory for installation is the same as the one for registering.

Step 7

When your installation completed, the content of installation folder is as follows, meanwhile there are 2 more icons appeared on your desktop.

Step 8

Double click memo_start icon or the start.bat file in the installation folder, it will execute mefs-user binary and generate an file named “api” in the installation folder. Log files are in the log foler.

Step 9

Now you can see two “mefs-user.exe” in the task manager shows the user node and gateway is running.

Step 10

Open URL in your web browser, and open the account.txt in the memouser folder to view your login imformation

Step 11

Create bucket

Caution: If this is the first run of your User node, you need to wait about 10~20 minutes for node to complete synchronization. If sync is not complete yet, you will get a “lfs service is read only“ error.
After that you can begin create bucket.

Step 12

Upload file

Caution: When a new bucket is created, it needs about 2 minutes to be confirmed. So wait a moment before you start to upload files into a new bucket.

Step 13

Download file

Step 14

You can stop user node with following 2 methods. But this just closes node service, the gateway service is not closed, you have to manually close it in the task manager for now.