MEMO Storage

Run Testnet User Node

Step by step

Step 1: Environment Deployment

View Docker Installation section to install docker.

Step 2: Set up the node directory

Node home directory: ~/memo_user as an example:
Node data storage directory: ~/memo_user_data as an example.
The node home directory is the user directory and the node storage directory is the user node data storage directory.

Step 3: Pull image(User)

docker pull memoio/mefs-user:latest

Step 4: Initialization(Create new wallet)

docker run --rm -v $MEFS_PATH:/root --entrypoint mefs-user memoio/mefs-user:latest init --password=memoriae
Explanation of parameters:
--password: Enter your user node password, the default is memoriae.
init: Execute the initialization command, which will generate your wallet address and generate a configuration file.

Step 5: Get wallet address

docker run --rm -v $MEFS_PATH:/root --entrypoint mefs-user memoio/mefs-user:latest wallet default
Explanation of parameters:
wallet default: Get the default wallet address

Step 6: Top up

Please post tweet and send email to complete the registration.
  1. 1.
    Please post the tweet using your personal Twitter account and @MemoLabsOrg
I have joined the MEMO testnet.
  1. 2.
    Please send an email to [email protected] to apply for provider registration, also attach the link to Tweet.
Email Example
Network: megrez
Wallet Address: 0x70955480f225b23f60c37c4B6e88C63E3ACD723
Role: provider
Twitter Link:***71090/status/1387**********01381?s=20*
The network must be confirmed before application, usually either test net or product net.
The wallet address is the wallet address generated in the previous step.
Join our discussing with Slack Link:

Step 7: Modify the configuration file

docker run --rm -v $MEFS_PATH:/root --entrypoint mefs-user memoio/mefs-user:latest config set --key=contract.version --value=3
docker run --rm -v $MEFS_PATH:/root --entrypoint mefs-user memoio/mefs-user:latest config set --key=contract.endPoint --value=""
docker run --rm -v $MEFS_PATH:/root --entrypoint mefs-user memoio/mefs-user:latest config set --key=contract.roleContract --value="0xdfe29F0aa6785acE9b776ADA0c80361595816a24"
docker run --rm -v $MEFS_PATH:/root --entrypoint mefs-user memoio/mefs-user:latest bootstrap clear
docker run --rm -v $MEFS_PATH:/root --entrypoint mefs-user memoio/mefs-user:latest bootstrap add "/ip4/"

Step 8:Start node

docker run -d -v $MEFS_PATH:/root -v $MEFS_DATA:/root/data -e PASSWORD="memoriae" -e PRICE=250000 -e MEFS_PATH=/root/.memo-user -e GROUP=2 -e SWARM_PORT=4001 -e DATA_PATH=/root/data --name mefs-user -e GATEWAY=true -e GATEWAY_USERNAME=admin -e GATEWAY_PASSWORD=memoriae -p 8080:8080 memoio/mefs-user:latest
  • Default in web, account: admin; password: memoriae.
  • Please make sure your user home directory and password are the same as in the previous step.
If you have any technical problems, please join our Discord server for help.

Check node status

Step 1: Enter the container

docker exec -it mefs-user bash

Step 2: Check user information

mefs-user info
----------- Information -----------
2022-03-23 10:42:36 CST #Current time
2.1.0-alpha+git.e759ff0+2022-03-22.15:51:16CST #mefs-user version information
----------- Network Information ----------- #network information
ID: 12D3KooWBpPPzk9srHVVU4kkVF1RPJi9nYNgV4e6Yjjd4PGr5qrk #network id
IP: [/ip4/] #Current node network information, 18003 is the swarm-port port, used for node communication
Type: Private
----------- Sync Information -----------
Status: true, Slot: 322885, Time: 2022-03-23 10:42:30 CST #Please check if your sync status is true, if it is false, please check your node network
Height Synced: 2640, Remote: 2640 #sync status
Challenge Epoch: 21 2022-03-23 09:55:30 CST
----------- Role Information -----------
ID: 29
Type: User
Wallet: 0xD2EC305EA80C6FCEF315029A806f52F27f3fB29a #Wallet address
Balance: 998.25 Gwei (tx fee), 998815392.06 NanoMemo (Erc20), 148075.99 NanoMemo (in fs) #balance
Data Stored: size 115294208 byte (109.95 MiB), price 113500000
----------- Group Information -----------
Contract Address: 0xCa2C4103bd5679F43eC9E277C2bAf5598f94Fe6D
Fs Address: 0xFB9FF16EB4093aa8fFf762F2dF4E61d3A7532Af9
ID: 1 #group id
Security Level: 7
Size: 109.95 MiB
Price: 113500000
Keepers: 10, Providers: 16, Users: 4 #The number of nodes in the current group
----------- Pledge Information ----------
Pledge: 0 AttoMemo, 26.00 Memo (total pledge), 26.00 Memo (total in pool) #current pledge information
----------- Lfs Information ----------
Status: writable
Buckets: 1
Used: 1.82 GiB
Raw Size: 109.95 MiB
Confirmed Size: 109.95 MiB
OnChain Size: 109.95 MiB
Need Pay: 987173.29 NanoMemo
Paid: 987173.29 NanoMemo

Check net status

Get local node network information

Command description: Enter command net info to view the network id (cid), ip address and port of the current node.
mefs-user net info
Network ID 12D3KooWBpPPzk9srHVVU4kkVF1RPJi9nYNgV4e6Yjjd4PGr5qrk, IP [/ip4/], Type: Private

Get the network connection information of the node

Command description: Enter command net peers to view the network connection information of the current node.
mefs-user net peers
12D3KooWMrZTqoU8febMxxxxxxxxxCeqLQy1XCU9QcjP1YWAXVi [/ip4/]
12D3KooWC2PmhSrU1VexxxxxxxxxtwvQuFZj3vPfjdfebAuJQtc [/ip4/]
12D3KooWR74K1v6naGxxxxxxxxxVS88h4X93bMnquoRiEDdLJTx [/ip4/]
12D3KooWSzzwJ7es1xxxxxxxxxPaqei3TUHnNZDmWTELSA7NJXQ [/ip4/]
12D3KooWG8PjbbN9xxxxxxxxx2oYFtjeQ8XnqvnEqfrB4AiW7eJ [/ip4/]
12D3KooWRjamwQtxxxxxxxxxb44AAXLNy9CB7u1FL2eC5QZekpF [/ip4/]

Connect to any node

Command description: Enter command net connect to connect to any node; if there is any problem with your node network, please enter command net connect to connect to our public node.
mefs-user net connect /ip4/10.2.x.x/tcp/8004/p2p/12D3KooWAykMmqu951ziotQiAYTN6SwfvBd1dsejSSak2jdSwryF

Restart after poweroff

If the account has been started, and then the computer has been shutted down, Docker, or "Windows PowerShell" was been closed, if you need to restart MEMO again, you need to open Docker first, then run the command line " docker start mefs-user" to start.
docker start mefs-user